Aperture Photography, LLC

Columbus, Ohio


Aperture Photography is husband-and-wife co founders Paul Rentler and Hristina Panovska. Paul and Hristina first met as teenagers while working at a local camera shop in the late 1990’s. And no matter where life took them, photography always brought them together.  For Paul and Hristina photography is more than a way of life – it’s an art form and the very core of their relationship.  Their favorite shoots include ones that challenge their capabilities and push photography to it’s limit.  More often than not, clients become friends, and shoots become collaborative projects.

In addition to photography, Paul works with animation, video, screen printing, and illustration. His paintings and drawings can be seen on his personal site, and his award-winning animation has been shown on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. In his spare time, Paul writes and plays music for his two bands, Surfer and Feature Films.

Hristina has been photographing since age 14, and experimenting with film and video since 18. Her photography and documentary films have been exhibited in New York City, Columbus, and Los Angeles, and can be seen on her personal site. In addition to photography, Hristina also practices architecture and is creative director of Illume Collective.